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[7]1989 Lancet 1997 Lancet 1982 American Journal of Epidemiology 2000 Environmental Prexasertib dihydrochloride health Perspectives 1998 International Journal of Epidemiology 2005 Environmental Health Perspectives 1998 Epidemiology403 366 279 278 275 268Sweileh et al. Annals of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (2016) 28:Web page 9 ofpublication where English remains the scientific language for researches. Despite that, the findings that a Russian and also a Chinese journal were among the major ten list of journals is indicative of how popular water connected well being complications are in all globe regions. Nations incorporated within the major ten productive list had been also diverse and incorporated a bulk of European countries, northern American nations, Asian nations and Australia. On the other hand, countries from regions like Africa or Latin America were missing in the major ten list. For the USA to occupy the very first rank within the list was not surprising offered the analysis facilities and funds readily available for health associated projects within the USA. In addition, the EPA and CDC are getting actively involved in water connected well being troubles and that may be why both EPA and CDC occupied top rated ranks in prime productive institutions. Bibliometric studies in other medical fields also showed dominance from the USA over other countries in number and high-quality of publications in lots of health-related fields. Within the existing manuscript the productivity with the USA was more than one fourth of worldwide research productivity. The USA has witnessed several waterborne associated illness outbreaks (WBRDOs). The CDC reported that a total of 32 outbreaks of water-related ailments in 2011 or 2012 and resulted in at the very least 431 cases, 102 hospitalizations (24 of cases), and 14 deaths [3]. One more study indicated that from 1971 to 2006, a total of 833 waterborne disease outbreaks with 577,991 cases of illness, and 106 deaths had been reported [41]. Microbial contamination for example cryptosporidiosis, E. coli, Norovirus, Legionella, Giardia and other infectious agents seem to be the major trigger of WBRDOs inside the USA along with other developing nations [414]. The leading ten productive institutions incorporated many academic and analysis centers in the USA. Nevertheless, two institutions/ organizations in the best ten list is worth commenting, the WHO as well as the Kaohsiung Health-related Universityin Taiwan. The WHO has published a series of reports on water high quality, technologies and water related-diseases. The Who's becoming involved in building preventive strategies for water-related illnesses [45]. Additionally, the Who's involved in estimating national burden of water-related ailments and national guidelines for good water good quality [46, 47]. The Kaohsiung Health-related University in Taiwan is being listed as among the top rated ten productive institutions in water-related ailments worldwide. Several of the publications of this academic center has focused on the function of arsenic along with other heavy metals in drinking water and its association with cancer [481]. Our study has couple of limitations that have to be mentioned. Most of these limitations are comparable for the MedChemExpress Immucillin-A oneslisted in previous bibliometric studies and they're inherent towards the approach itself and database chosen to retrieve information [525]. It's important to recall that Scopus retrieve post with English title and abstract no matter the language with the manuscript.